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Raksha Christian Guest House 1/210, Mehedhara, Tansen, Palpa, Nepal

The Raksha Christian Guest House was inspired by our stay in the Philippines, Manila, during our theological studies in 2009. The Guest House was officially established in January of 2014 and is managed by Ranjana Singh who has a rich experience of working at the UMN guest house in Tansen for 5 years. While working at the UMN Guest House, Ranjana had a great opportunity of meeting and knowing many people from different countries. During those years, she noticed that people need safe, friendly, family environment and a Christian environment to stay in. Therefore, Raksha Christian Guest House is here to make your visit an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

While we were away from home in the Philippines and our own culture, longing for family environment, our Pilipino and our friend from a different continent fulfilled our needs. In the same way, we want to treat our guests in the best possible way so they will bring back many memories of Tansen, Nepal and their stay with us.Valley view at sunsetWe also wanted to get involve in full time ministry without depending on others and by earning an income to support our ministry here in Tansen.




We want to be SALT and LIGHT in the community. Therefore, Raksha Christian Guest House is here to make an income that will help us and other people do God’s work in Nepal.

We welcome all of you to our Guest House here in Tansen, Nepal. You will be treated so well that you will encourage others to visit us as well.

View to left from roof top room

Easy location for Raksha Christian Guest House


Raksha Christian Guest House is located in Tansen a municipality 300 kilometers away from the Kathmandu capital city of Nepal, 6-7 hours by bus drive. It is located on the highway between Butwal and Pokhara, on the crest of the Mahabharata Range or lesser Himalaya overlooking the valley of the Kaligandaki River to the north.Tansen has a very beautiful greenery cap of pine trees on top of the city which is an enjoyable place for a walk and view of the city and surrounding mountains. The Kanjiroba, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Mansiri, Ganesh and Lagtang groups are in sight. Perhaps a view of the snow covered Himalayan Mountains might await you.

View to right from roof top Tansen is known as a best vacation destiny because it has a very moderate climate with temperatures rarely exceeding 30 Celsius (86F) or going below freezing.

Tansen is a very ancient city in Nepal, known for multiple traditional metalwork, producing Dhaka cloths used in traditional jackets, topi, pen bags, mobile phone bags, etc.

Roof top room

Raksha Christian Guest House has a very beautiful view from on top of the roof and you can see a sunrise and the white lake from your room windows or patio roof eating area.

Stairway to top level

Raksha Christian Guest House is only a 10-15 minute walk from the Tansen Bus Park. If you choose to take a taxi, you can hire one.

Raskaha Christian Guest House is between the UMN Hospital and Tansen Bus Park. The Tansen market is also close by and easy to get to.

Rooms: We have several rooms at present with double beds in the room. We have single beds, double beds, and king size beds as well.

Internet: We have high speed internet facility with wifi any time the internet is accessible.

Hot and Cold Water Facility: Raksha Christian Guest House provides sufficient water supply for our guests with hot and cold water.

Food and Cooking:
We offer Nepali traditional food and western food as well depending on guests’ preferable choice. Long term guests can cook food by themselves if it is practical. Cooking: Facility for cooking is provided in the kitchen area for guests cooking their own meal at a nominal charge. A helper can be arranged for those who would like to stay longer and have their own food.

TV and DVD: LED 32 inch TV and DVD Player is in the sitting room. Guests are welcome to use them free of cost from 8 am to 9 pm without disturbing other guests.

Bedroom for two

Telephone: Local and international calls can be made from the sitting room. The local call is free and guests are requested to record in the phone log book for all international calls. The log books shows the rate for all international calls.

Electricity: Power outage is one of the big problems in Nepal. We have a battery and backup system that gives power even during the power outage time.

In Nepal, electricity supply is 220 Volts. Load shedding is frequent during the dry season, but we have a 24 hour backup system for lights and the internet.Tourist and Trekking Guide: With reasonable charge we offer tourist and trekking guides as per guests’ request. View from roof top room

Nepali Language Online Course: We also offer a Nepali language course online. Nepali conversation classes are also available over Skype (Skpye ID: rayamaji3)

Church service: Hebron Church is just a 5 minute walk; however, there are 7 churches in Tansen town. Arrangements for ministry opportunities and exposures can be made according to guests’ desire and request in any of these local churches.


Raksha — meaning “protection” in several  languages


Raksha Christian Guest House
Phone: 977-75-521962
Cell: 984-73-48024
E-mail: r4family@gmail.com
Skype ID: rayamajhi3


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